Why Every School Should Have a Polytunnel

Polytunnels have become popular with businesses and gardening enthusiasts alike. However, did you know they can also be beneficial in an education setting?

Schools are starting to realise the benefits of installing a polytunnel in their grounds. So, what benefits do polytunnels provide to schools and why should they have one?

The educational benefits of polytunnels

Installing a polytunnel in schools can help children to learn more about gardening. Polytunnels can help to grow their own fruits and vegetables, learning everything there is to know about growing your own food. This is a great life skill, helping them to become more sustainable adults.

Learning more about growing plants also helps to boost their science education. Children who help to grow plants also learn more about responsibility and taking care of something. They can see how food is grown and what it takes to look after the environment.

There are so many educational lessons a polytunnel can help to provide children with. These are just some of the benefits schools can expect when they make the investment.

They can provide additional classroom space

Another benefit polytunnels can provide to schools is that they can be used as additional classrooms. Investing in a large polytunnel gives you plenty of extra space if needed. This is especially useful right now due to social distancing measures being introduced.

The great thing about polytunnels is that they are great to use all year round. They are warm, even in winter, making it a great option for additional classroom space when needed.

Having an outdoor classroom can also provide numerous benefits. Teaching kids in natural surroundings can improve their learning experience. It also helps them to get some much-needed fresh air, refuelling the brain throughout the day.

The mental health benefits

As well as the educational and additional space benefits, utilising a polytunnel in schools can help with mental health. Gardening is renowned for its mental health benefits. Allowing children to experience these benefits early on could actually decrease their chances of suffering mental health troubles.

Schools which are using polytunnels have seen dramatic improvements in the wellbeing of the children. Helping to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, they could be considered a must-have accessory in education. More needs to be done to combat mental health issues so starting in the school environment is a great idea.

These are just some of the benefits polytunnels can deliver to schools. These days, children don’t spend enough time outdoors. Learning more about gardening can help with practically every aspect of a child’s development. So, investing in polytunnels in schools can make a huge difference to their health and wellbeing.

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