Why educators should embrace virtual reality technologies in the classroom

VR in education is new, as it is to pretty much the whole world outside of gaming and certain industries like aviation and the military which has used VR for decades. It is only recently that the technology has become affordable enough for education. A central reason why education can benefit from VR use, is that it is experiential in nature. VR provides an experiential virtual environment where autonomous student-lead practice can lead to competence. Most students around the world study in classrooms where experiential access is very limited, and they study in large classes giving them little interaction with a teacher, so supplementing the class with a relevant experiential environment must offer value. Value in that it may help the concept to be understood or retained or even enjoyed, or all three. The library of experiences must be structured and formally linked to the curriculum then the schools that adopt this technology can surely have significant impact on their students results and in turn their ranking as a school.


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