When is the best time of year to ski?

Die-hard ski enthusiasts who are willing to travel to the reaches of Australia, New Zealand, Chile or Argentina may find that they are able to ski all year round. However, unless you are willing to travel the world in search of snowy runs throughout the year, your best bet to find the best ski conditions are to stick within the traditional ski season.

The skiing season runs from December to April in most ski resorts, especially those throughout Europe. However, you can find good deals and snowy mountains as early as November and as late as May, before the lifts shut for the season, if you are willing to search high up in the mountains. This is usually only a good idea for more experienced skiers as the beginner runs are usually found lower down the mountain where the snow can be wet and slushy in these months, if there is any snow at all at that time.

The ski season

The skiing season truly start in December but even at this stage, not all low and even medium altitude ski resorts will be guaranteed to have snow. There are resorts in Europe which use fake snow generating machines to top up any thin snow fall but you may find that your best bet to guarantee optimal ski conditions is to travel to America or the Canadian Rockies at this early point in the season.

January is one of the busiest months in the ski season as travellers look for post-Christmas breaks. With most of the European resorts now experiencing much more snowfall, you will need to book early to guarantee you and your party can take advantage of the fresh powder on the mountainsides. If you are after a quieter experience and are willing to travel then North America or Japan are great alternative locations.

February is the month in which you are bound to find the best snow of the season. It is also quite a busy time across Europe as the French school half-term break falls in this month. However, if a busy and lovely atmosphere is what you are after, then February is the month for you.

With longer days and slightly warmer conditions, March skiing is often moved up the mountain. Lower altitude resorts may find that their beginner runs are turning slightly slushy. On the bright side, your will often find a good deal to be had taking your ski trip in March as prices are often much lower than for the rest of the season.

Over recent years, April has seen some of the biggest snowfalls of the season due to winter shifting forwards by several weeks. However, the best snow is still found at higher altitudes as lower altitude resorts begin to find that slushy conditions make it hard for beginners. On the highest altitude resorts, you will often find perfect conditions that will last through to May, when the lifts close for the season.

Pick your dates wisely

While the ski season lasts for several months, conditions will vary dramatically throughout that time. When booking your ski trip it is important to consider the varying levels of skill and experience within your group to ensure that you get good conditions for everyone. Many European ski resorts will top up their snowfall with fake snow to guarantee the best ski conditions on all of their runs so do your research before booking.

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