What are the issues pupils care about? Enter the School Stickers’ ‘MY Sticker’ competition!

The School Stickers’ ‘MY Sticker’ competition launched this week giving pupils the opportunity to highlight issues close to their hearts.

The competition invites pupils to design a sticker promoting a local cause, campaign or issue they feel passionately about whether it be anti-smoking, drugs, bullying, racism or pro healthy eating or exercise, or something unique to their local area. It is open to children through Key stage 1 to 4, and requires them to design the sticker using a new online tool.  The overall winner will receive an iPad and 1,000 stickers in their design for their school. The winner in each age group will be given 1,000 stickers in their design for their school, and all finalists will be given 100 stickers in their design.

Neil Hodges, Managing Director of School Stickers, explains, “We launched this competition to highlight the creativity of young people, particularly when promoting an issue they care about.  Today’s children are very socially aware and have a wide variety of excellent causes to choose from, everything from community groups and charities to social messages such as healthy eating or anti-bullying.  Stickers have been used over the years to promote causes to good effect, and this competition will help pupils to do just that, as well as giving them something to be proud of.

He continues “Our new ‘Sticker Maker’ works across all Apple, Windows and Android devices, so entrants can even use their mobiles to create and submit a design.  Files can also be uploaded so photos and personalised designs can be added to help illustrate and enhance entries and convey the message of choice.  We can’t wait to see the range of creative ideas entered.”

The competition is split into three age –specific entry categories; ages 4-8 (school years 1, 2, 3 & 4), 8-12 (school years 5, 6 & 7) and ages 12-16 (school years; 8, 9 &10) and should be completed via the School Stickers website and online tool at http://www.schoolstickers.com/en-gb/blog/my-sticker-pupil-competition-2014/

Ten finalists will be chosen by the team at School Stickers, including at least two from each age category. All entries should be received by midnight on Friday 7th November. The winner will be announced on Tuesday 18th November.

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