We all know that effective air ventilation and superior air purification ensures constant air changes within the parameter of a classroom.

Good air quality and ambient room temperatures have been directly linked to academic performance, concentration, good health, and comfort for students. And with an increased focus on air quality, there is every reason to provide the ideal solution for your school.

Our Solution …
The BONECO Clean and Cool Fan – a powerful, easy to use, 2-in-1 solution
A unique and revolutionary combination of the BONECO Air Shower fan together with a Swiss-designed Air Purifier.

We believe these Clean and Cool Fans will benefit schools who are air-quality savvy.

They clean – achieved by their state-of-the-art ESP filter technology, this purifier will catch germs, viruses and bacteria – ensuring a safe and hygienic room.
They cool – achieved by the BONECO superior air shower circulation, cooling every corner of the room.
• Combination of a powerful fan and modern purification technology
• The fan provides perfect air circulation ensuring cleaned air reaches every corner of the room
• 4 level BONECO air shower fan • State-of-the-art ESP air filtration, Ionizer and UV-C light.
• Catches germs, viruses & bacteria for a safe and hygienic room
• Cleanable dishwasher safe ESP filter
• Adjustable fan height with pole
• Provides perfect air circulation to bring clean air to every corner of your home
• 270° manually rotatable airflow
• Purification with HEPA-ESP filtration, ionizer, and UV-C light

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