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HP20141215393Hidden opportunity for dramatic savings.

“Most educational establishments have very little understanding of their real total cost of ownership where print and copy are concerned.” This expert view of the market comes from Toby Carter-Hall, MPS architect, Landscape Group. It highlights an area that is more important than ever in today’s educational environment.


Innovative technology fit for our times

HP Officejet Enterprise Color Flow MFP X585-X576dw_combo_Lores_RGBEducational establishments face increased demands and accountability with tight budgets. Administrative staff also realise the need to compete for students, staff and resources. The HP OfficeJet X series, with PageWide Technology only from HP, is ideal for this environment. These printers meet the need for innovative new technology on a cost effective and accountable basis. They create dynamic classroom materials – in vivid affordable colour, at up to twice the speed and half the cost per page of colour laser printers.

They cost-effectively produce lesson plans, tests, reports and more with sharp, laser-like black text while productivity-enhancing features make it simple to work more efficiently. They enable secure connect and print from mobile devices. They also protect student confidentiality with innovative security features. In short they reinvent printing, bringing dramatic savings and unique benefits to improve learning and creativity.

Isn’t it great to find an unexpected source of savings? The HP OfficeJet X series also delivers breakthrough environmental benefits. They use less energy (up to 50% savings), less paper and there is less packaging waste (around 90% less). One institution cut its electricity costs by 70% making the switch from laser. But it’s not just about cost. It’s about fuelling imagination, improving productivity, security, learning and creativity, while doing more for the environment.

  • Vibrant affordable colour for vivid imaginations.
  • Better for the environment  – use up to 50% less energy than colour laserand up to 90% less packaging than toner cartridges
  • Improved document flow
  • Security at every level
  • Less maintenance, easier management
  • Speed and productivity – prints up to 70 pages per minute


Portsmouth Grammer Image from FlickrSee the difference it’s made for others

Bensham Manor School is on target to save £3,000 in its first year – even taking into account the initial investment in a new fleet of printers.

Portsmouth Grammar School has seen around 20% reduction in print volumes and significant cost reductions while also reducing the school’s carbon footprint.


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