Twinkl offers free learning resources to help parents and carers as schools prepare for closures

Global educational publisher Twinkl is providing free access to over 630,000 teaching and learning materials to support teachers, parents and carers as schools close or prepare to close as a result of the coronavirus.

The materials available on the Twinkl website range from activity sheets, information packs and interactive presentations to online educational games and videos. These cover all core subjects for all ages and include a huge range mapped to each curriculum in the UK.

Twinkl is sending out codes to schools, teachers and parents across the world as well as sharing information on social media to provide free access.

The company has already reached out to over 50 countries and regions across the world, including the UK and is continuing to reach out to any not yet contacted.

Teachers, parents and carers in the UK can get access to Twinkl by visiting and entering the code CVDTWINKLHELPS alongside an email and password.

Access will initially be granted for one month, but Twinkl is dedicated to extending this.

Anyone with an existing Twinkl subscription using the code will be upgraded to get access to all of Twinkl’s resources if they do not already have this.

No payment information is taken when accessing this offer of help and there is no obligation to use Twinkl after the help is no longer needed. Any accounts created with the code will later revert to a free Twinkl membership that gives access to a selection of over 40,000 free resources that are already available on the site.

Jonathan Seaton, Co-Founder and CEO of Twinkl, said: “After hearing about the necessary precautions that are being taken at schools around the world because of the coronavirus, we recognised that our digital resources could help teachers, parents and children who may be unable to attend school.

“Our mission has and always will be to help those who teach and we know that we need to do this right now more than ever. The things schools, teachers, parents and carers are doing to help their children is incredible and we hope this will go some way towards supporting them. It is also so important to us that children have access to learning, whatever the circumstance, and continue to learn throughout this situation.

“We’ve already had an amazing response, with over 170,000 people using the code so far. We’re so proud to see how this offer of help has already impacted so many. The help we are offering would not be possible without the continued support of our members and we would like to thank them for enabling us to provide this, globally. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the coronavirus.”

Twinkl is used around the world as a trusted provider of high-quality educational materials. All Twinkl resources are created and checked by current and former teachers and they are used in over 200 countries and regions across the world.

The company has created a guide for teachers and schools, which also has useful information for parents about how they can support children with home learning:

Information about how parents and carers can use Twinkl can also be found in this guide:

Bespoke resource packs to support children learning at home can also be found here. Each pack contains resources to help with distance learning:







So far over 170,000 people have accessed the resources, including 73,161 in the UK and over 30,000 parents worldwide.

Twinkl is continuing to contact schools, teachers and parents and carers across the world to provide support. The company is contacting people directly to help but further information can also be found here:

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