The student stationery you didn’t expect

If you’re a student or work in any kind of role that involves working from a desk, you can’t be without your essential stationery supplies. Some of them may be necessary tools that help your productivity and sometimes they can be amusing and fun to use too! If you want to stock up on all your stationery products, use the Typo discount code here to help you stay within your budget. If you want to discover the ultimate stationery trends, check out our list of some of the best items around.

Desk planners

You may already use a diary, journal, or online calendar to store all your meetings, deadlines, and appointments but a traditional daily planner that can fit on your desk is likely to improve your productivity. Putting your to-do list on paper and having it easily visible from your desk is a great way to help you prioritise all your tasks and work better throughout the day.

Laptop stand

A foldable laptop stand or portable table can be very useful, both for working from your desk and can also allow you to work from anywhere. Many of them are collapsible and easy to store which means that you can continue working from different rooms and even from the sofa for easier tasks!

A mini desk vacuum

It’s not hard to imagine why this item is one of the top trends in stationery products. Working from your desk, you probably find yourself sneaking in a few snacks throughout the day, or even working through your lunch break so crumbs are usually inevitable. This small device can help you eliminate dust and debris that end up on your computer, desk, and the surrounding area so you’ll always have a clean workspace, plus it hardly takes up any space and can easily be stored away in a desk drawer. Some of them are USB chargeable and come in cute animal shapes too!

A Mini Wheelie Bin

These small bins are a great way to keep your desk are tidy. Having bits of paper or trash lying around can be a distraction and can sometimes be annoying. If you have to get up and leave the room every time you need to throw something away, it’s just not practical. The perfect solution is a cute wheelie bin that fits under your desk and you can choose the colour of your choice. Hint: it’s also ideal for emptying that desk vacuum too!

Post-it notes

These are a true classic when it comes to desk and office supplies and they have a million different uses. If you always have a block on your desk, you’ll be able to jot down any important notes at the drop of a hat and leave yourself helpful reminders and even motivational quotes to keep you on track. They are also available in a huge range of different colours so they can add an element of fun and creativity to your work.


Flowers or plants are obviously not an item of stationery but having one on or near your desk can make a huge difference. They will brighten up your day, add some inspiration to your work, and boost your creativity. They also offer a lot of health benefits including the ability to reduce stress, clean the air around you, and can even reduce noise by absorbing sound. It’s a good idea to choose a plant that does not involve a lot of maintenance and will survive in the position of your workplace. If you want to learn more about the science behind this, take a look at these findings from the Royal Horticultural Society. 

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