Convenzis Education – The MAT School Improvement Conference 2021

The MAT School Improvement Conference 2021 will aim to provide School Improvement Leads and MAT Leaders with tangible guidance, case studies on how to strategise progress and accelerate school improvement within your trust and schools.

In April 2021, Government announced there will be a key focus on how Trust Partnerships can aid school improvement stating, “this can be a powerful school improvement tool providing quick and accessible support from a strong trust”.

It is important for trusts and schools to move beyond the distractions of 2020 to now focus on building a stronger school improvement system. School Improvement plans & strategies become more complex and important year on year – at the conference, we will discuss these with some of the highest performing MATs in England.

The NAHT in November 2020 commissioned a report “Improving Schools, a report of the School Improvement Commission”, some of the key takeaways highlighted were:

  • Schools benefit from looking beyond local and regional boundaries to ensure they remain outward-looking and open to new ideas.
  • All schools can benefit from external support, but the current role of NLEs (National Leaders of Education) needs to be re-defined.
  • School improvement should be a top-down one size fits all process; schools need to own their improvement and not have it dictated to them.
  • Opportunity areas of the country have taken time to find their feet but are now beginning to have a positive impact.
  • Currently, many professionals are reluctant to work in the schools that need them most. There is a need to change the narrative that the best staff work in outstanding schools and the worst staff work in inadequate schools.
  • Schools need a better understanding of the causes surrounding underperformance at an individual school level.

Join us at The MAT School Improvement Conference 2021, which will provide a timely platform for educational leaders to listen, learn and engage with some of the UK’s leading school improvement experts.

Education leaders, your pass provides access to 8 live and interactive speaker presentations, online polls and workshops, live online networking + much more.

Register for your complimentary pass today to ensure you have reserved your seat.

The MAT School Improvement Conference 2021

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