TG Escapes Eco-Buildings – a fast, cost effective way to enhance well-being when you need extra space

TG Escapes unique modular eco-buildings combine traditional materials with sophisticated technology to create standalone spaces with a difference. The innovative bespoke architect designed system means they can provide timber frame buildings to suit most locations and uses, in a variety of finishes including timber, composite cladding or render in a range of colours, and brick slips.

MATERIALS: The materials used are, wherever possible, eco-friendly. They build with timber frame and sectional wooden insulated panels constructed offsite. Rain screens outside of the sealed building envelope can be selected from a wide number of options.

FOUNDATIONS: The foundations have been designed to reduce impact on the environment by using a minimal amount of concrete in a unique pad-based system or, when more appropriate, screw pile. ROOFS: A sedum roof is not only aesthetically pleasing all year round, but also provides a habitat for a rich variety of wildlife. A sedum roof significantly reduces rainwater runoff whilst lowering energy consumption.

TIMBER: Timber comes from sustainable forests (FSC and PEFC). These forests are meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. By practising an environmentally-aware land stewardship ethic, the timber used reduces the embodied carbon for any project and acts as a carbon store.

RENEWABLE ENERGY: They can incorporate solar power into all builds as a clean renewable source of energy.

SUN PIPES: Sun pipes capture daylight from the rooftop, through highly reflective tubing, and take it to where it’s needed. The pipes offer brilliant natural light as an alternative to artificial lighting, helping to reduce energy consumption.

The buildings achieve A+ energy ratings with an air test of 5 or less and, with appropriate solar PV, can be net zero in operation.

Timber is the oldest and most sustainable building material ever known. Not only does its use have significantly less environmental impact than steel or concrete, it has other properties which bring additional benefits to education day in, day out.

Weitzer Parkett, ProHolz Austria and partners undertook a research project called ‘School Without Stress’ to scientifically demonstrate the advantages of using timber within a classroom and its long-term benefits to students who study within them.

They found that on average children in a timber classroom had 8600 less heart beats per day than those in a traditional building.

TG Escapes combine floor to ceiling windows and doors and covered decking areas for easy access to the outdoors. This enhances well-being and educational outcomes.

A study by A Sigman shows that children exposed to nature;

  • scored higher on concentration and self-discipline
  • showed improved awareness, reasoning and observational skills
  • achieved better results in reading, writing, maths, science & social studies
  • were better at working in teams
  • exhibited improved behaviour overall.

TG Escapes conduct regular research amongst customers in education to understand how timber frame buildings perform. The feedback shows that these ‘natural’ buildings provide spaces which feel very different to other types of buildings.

“Giving the children a new setting to learn in has had a big impact on their motivation. Working amongst natural surroundings has enhanced the imagination and creativity.” “Talking to the pupils about the eco-friendly features has been a great way to teach them about sustainability and the environment.” “Our pupils feel valued and like the roominess and light of their new learning space. The cedar building also has a warmth that is hard to put into words but, basically, they feel comfortable.” Aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic and highly practical but, just as importantly, their buildings are built to last 60 years or more with appropriate maintenance.

Single or double storey buildings range in price from £80k to over £2m and larger sizes can cost as little as £1600 per m2.

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