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The days of wheeling a trolley full of laptops into a classroom for students to access and then return is changing. Students want easy access to devices whenever they need them, teachers don’t have the time to hand them out, monitor who has them and who has returned them. IT Technicians need to be able to perform data transfer to all devices at once and often remotely. Not only that, we are now all being targeted with reducing our carbon footprint LapSafe® are the original innovators of the laptop storage and charging trolley and their flagship Mentor™ charging trolley launched some twenty years ago is still in use today. The Mentor™ trolley is probably one of the most sustainable trolleys in the market as it allows you upgrade your trolley whenever you change your device and its robust design means it can withstand the test of time.

Helping organisations achieve their carbon neutral goals, LapSafe®’s SmartLine™ with PowaSave™ features unique ultra-safe low voltage built-in charging cables specific to the make and model of laptop, or Chromebook, eliminating the need for AC adaptors. The highly intelligent SmartLine™ charging system incorporates PowaSave™ as standard. When devices are fully charged, PowaSave™ automatically turns off its internal power supplies rather than dissipating wasted electric as heat. Charging is automatically reinstated when required by the devices. This feature alone will recover the cost of the cabinet in a short space of time through saved electricity and help towards reducing our carbon footprint!

What about easy access to devices and simple device management? More and more schools, colleges and universities are turning to smart locker solutions. Here LapSafe® excels further
with their wide range of locker solutions. Whether it is simple keyed lockers to sophisticated intelligent smart lockers, LapSafe® can help.

With over 70% of UK universities having now installed LapSafe®’s smart lockers which allows students access to fully charged devices when they need it without staff intervention. These lockers can incorporate data transfer to allow upgrades or similar to all devices simultaneously and from a remote location. Self-service also offers the ability to borrow or return a device 24 x 7.

LapSafe®’s smart lockers also use SmartLine™ with PowaSave™ so not only do they save staff time when managing devices but they help to save energy.

This year LapSafe® are launching their NEW smart locker software together with a variety of new locker bay sizes. Their most powerful, sophisticated, and innovative smart locker solution to date. The new locker software, ONARKEN® offers a host of services and integrations.

The powerful ONARKEN™ software is at the heart of their smart lockers and combines all of their software services in one centrally managed suite of applications. Intuitive and straightforward self-check application installed in a terminal allows quick and easy access to the services users need such as borrow, return, reservations, drop-off and collect.

ONARKEN® has been designed from the ground up, following years of user feedback and is probably one of the most universal, powerful and innovative smart locker platforms to date. Existing LapSafe® customers will be able to upgrade to the new software ONARKEN® if they would like the enhanced features and functionality. The new locker bay sizes will be available later this year.

To sit alongside the LapSafe® smart locker range or to work standalone, they have also worked tirelessly during the pandemic to bring to the market their NEW Diplomat™UV-C Station which sanitises a laptop or similar device in just 15 seconds!

99% of bacteria and some viruses* are deactivated when exposed to high-intensity UV-C light. Fitted with 18 Phillips UV-C bulbs ensure all areas of the device get sanitised, including the hard-to-reach places.

The Diplomat™ UV-C Station is simple and easy to use, place your hand in front of the sensor to activate and follow the straightforward instructions on the LCD screen. Place your device into the cleaning bay and leave the unit to do the rest.

Leading the way in easy device management for schools, colleges and universities, LapSafe® has a solution to suit every need and budget.

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