Revolutionise the way your school views data – SIMS Power BI Reporting

The SIMS team at Hackney Learning Trust are excited to introduce SIMS Power BI Reporting, the new integration between Microsoft’s Power BI (Business Intelligence) tool and SIMS, set to revolutionise the way that schools view data.

A school’s SIMS system is the hub of all the important information that leaders and class teachers need to make informed decisions. However, up until now it’s been a struggle for schools to export and interpret this knowledge in a simple way from SIMS, which has limited the use of the data gathered.

The integration of Power BI and SIMS is set to change all that, and the HLT SIMS team are preparing to support the new ‘SIMS Consolidated Reporting’ tool when it launches in September 2019.

On its own, Power BI is a powerful analysis tool traditionally used to create graphs and visualisations that can be used to better understand data. Combining this analytical capability with the huge amount of important information held in a school’s SIMS system to create reports and dashboards will provide senior leaders and teachers with a way to understand data that just wasn’t possible before.

With new insights into areas including behaviour management, attendance and SEND, data will be presented in a much simpler format to allow deeper understanding and more informed evaluations.

Cristina de Pointis, MIS Support Manager at HLT, commented on the new product:

“Our team are really enjoying being able to create detailed SIMS reports using Power BI with data extracted from SIMS to build central dashboards, enabling schools and MATS to monitor and compare performance. Schools need this insight to make the right decisions to improve standards, and the SIMS consolidated reports using Power BI can do just that.”

This new tool is a great addition to the already robust selection of SIMS support that the CAPITA accredited team at HLT have to offer. The team currently work with over 60 schools and cover everything from core module licences and bespoke training, to comprehensive support packages that offer unlimited service desk support.

If you’d like to benefit from this exciting new development or to learn more about any of our other SIMS services, our specialist team would love to speak to you. You can contact us via email, call us on 020 8820 7777, or visit our webpage.


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