REAch2 accredited to provide Initial Teacher Training

The largest primary-only family of schools in the country, REAch2 Academy Trust, has been accredited to provide Initial Teacher Training (ITT) following a rigorous government process. As a result of the accreditation, REAch2 will be running its ITT programme nationwide from 2024 across its 60 schools and beyond.

The accreditation process was designed to ensure that all accredited ITT providers are able to deliver high quality ITT against the new Quality Requirements which will become part of the ITT criteria 2024/2025, and come into effect in September 2024. Recent reforms to ITT required all existing providers to re-apply for accreditation, as well as offering new providers the opportunity to apply for accreditation. 80 providers were accredited in the first wave, only one out of every three applying, highlighting the strength of the REAch2 application and the quality of the programme they will be providing.

As primary specialists, the REAch2 ITT programme will ensure trainees receive extensive training in learning how to work expertly with the youngest children, ensuring they develop a strong foundation for future learning and easing their transition to secondary school. The application also focused on REAch2’s strong track record of building partnerships between schools, across other academy trusts, and with specialist organisations, to highlight the wealth of opportunities available to trainees.

REAch2 placed the CCF offer at the heart of the application, highlighting how this entitlement would be delivered through a coherent training programme, on placement experience and intensive training and practice. The ITT programme will give trainees the opportunity to train in well-established local networks of schools at the heart of their communities, while benefiting from all the advantages of being part of a national network of primary practitioners.

Andrea Wright, Head of Early Career Teacher Development at REAch2 Academy Trust (pictured left) said: “This is an exciting new chapter for REAch2, building on the success of the REAch2 Teach Primary Partnership’s current ITT provision. REAch2 represents one of the largest networks of primary education professionals and is committed to creating expert primary practitioners and future school leaders who provide exceptional opportunities for learning for all children.

“We want trainees to: ‘Train locally, grow nationally’ benefiting from a broad and strong national network of schools who share our vision and values. We know that great teachers shape children’s lives, and we can’t wait to get started in training the next generation of expert primary teachers to do just this.”

Cathie Paine, CEO at REAch2 Academy Trust, said: “We are all delighted to be accredited as an Initial Teacher Training provider and are looking forward to helping develop fantastic new teachers. We know how much impact a great teacher can have on their pupils and I am thrilled that we can help train these teachers.

“This is also an opportunity to build upon our existing partnerships with schools to create an incredibly strong network of best practice. This will be invaluable in helping these new teachers make an immediate impact and quickly develop into outstanding primary practitioners.”

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