Our Sorority opens its doors to support young women

Our Sorority, a London based CIC (Community Interest Company), has today opened its doors to support and act as an advocate to empower young women and mothers aged 15-25 to progress into successful inspiring women.

Mentoring the young women will be Alicia Barnes and Chantelle Fearon who both have a vast amount of experience working with children and adults. The assistance and support will be carried out through group workshops and tailored one-to-one mentored programmes.

1)      What Happens​- Educational Workshop: An educational workshop for young men and women based around a short film which highlights some of the issues young women are faced with within society.

2)      Sister to Sister​​- 1:1 Mentor support: A programme tailored to the needs of the individual providing sustained practical support and guidance for young women wishing to progress personally and professionally with their lives.

3)      Sisters Support​- Group support: Young women (the sisters) will get together to discuss any issues that they are facing/dealing with. Together sisters and staff will provide support as a group on a number of different issues.

4)      Family support: Engagement with families and offer one-to-one support to tackle a number of issues that can result in a family breakdown.

According to Alicia Barnes, Founder of Our Sorority, “We have been working so hard to get things ready and young women are our main priority. I feel that there is not enough positive help out there for young women. Our Sorority is here to fill a void where young women feel like they are not heard or taken seriously.

“Our Sorority will be working closely with secondary schools, youth clubs and residential children homes in London and surrounding areas. Our Sorority has received funding from The Big Lottery (Awards for All), William Wates and a discretionary donation from Lloyds Bank.

“We want all young women to know their worth and are committed to raising aspirations and prospects so that these young women are able to lead positive lifestyles which will lead to a positive future for them and their children which will in turn make for a better society. We hope that this approach breaks negative cycles, builds confidence and raises aspirations. ”

Visit the website for more information: http://www.oursorority.com/home.html

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