Online points-based system ensures behaviour policy focuses on positivity

Recently, Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw, speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, said that “leadership is absolutely critical” in improving behaviour.

Thinking alike, and working with Contact Group, providers of best in class communication and data services, former assistant head and director of Sixth Domain, John Roberts has created a new solution that allows teachers to track events – like good news, bad news, sanctions, reports, comments – and to monitor and analyse the behaviour of individual students, classes, forms and even houses. Improvement can be monitored on a week-by-week basis and news and follow up information saved and referred to other teachers.

Senior Leadership Teams can print off reports and analyse whole school and departmental behaviour, track homework and reports and communicate with parents.

Designed to integrate with a school’s Management Information System (MIS) and significantly reduce administration, Reward System employs the very latest SSL encryption technology to protect school data.

“Reward System has been particularly well received by schools,” said Stephen Clarke, Managing Director, Contact Group.  “Little Lever School in Bolton commented that it enables pastoral leaders to monitor very effectively students’ successes and areas for development.  Other schools reported a serious reduction in incidents of racism and bullying as a result of more rigorous reporting.

“As a provider of best in class communication and data services to the public sector, we are always looking for new products to enhance our existing portfolio.  We currently offer a range of solutions to cover parental communication, school attendance, looked after children, anti-bullying systems, registration apps, term time holiday tracking, mentoring and personalised apps.  Sixth Domain’s behaviour tracking and reward system sits perfectly with our product line.”

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