Multi Academy Trust sets out stall for next five years

A fast growing multi academy trust has laid out its ambitions and priorities for the next five years, with a focus on delivering social justice and building an education system designed with the next 100 years in mind.

Wellspring Academy Trust has launched its Vision 2025 – a manifesto for developing its community of schools and associated projects as an engine for social change and improving life chances.

With its slogan, ‘We Make A Difference,’ the 25-strong school trust has clear ambitions to build on its success to date and demonstrate how multi academy trusts can operate ethically, sustainably, inclusively and effectively in the communities they serve.

Mark Wilson (right), Chief Executive at Wellspring, said: “Wellspring has grown at a tremendous rate since we began in 2013 and has firmly established its reputation for integrity, inclusive practice and our relational approach. Now is the time to take stock and look towards the future. Our Vision 2025 lays out our priorities for the next five years, covering five specific areas – People, Doing, Innovating, Assuring and Sustaining. Through strategic planning, we are committed to delivering exceptional value for the public purse and adding value that goes far beyond delivering an excellent education for all children in our care.

“One particular focus is around sustainability and long-term planning. Wellspring schools are being encouraged to develop ‘100-year plans’ and design strategies with the next 100 years in mind. Whilst this may seem far-fetched, it is only by looking far into the future that we can begin to embed the sort of long-term approach I believe we need. When previous generations set out to build the world’s most impressive cathedrals, they did so knowing they were embarking on projects that would take decades, if not centuries, to complete. We need ‘cathedral thinking’ in education and beyond.

“Other priorities include the development of our teacher training and CPD provision, the launch of community projects designed to improve environments and young people’s life chances, and a focus on wellbeing throughout the Trust.

“By outlining our vision for the next five years, I am confident that we will further cement our role as a vital part of education provision and wider community action across the north of England and beyond. We have all been through an unparalleled period in terms of its challenges, but now is the time to look forward and build the kind of society that works for all.”

In its seven years since inception, Wellspring has built eight new schools, had fourteen consecutive positive Ofsted reports, improved finances, enhanced premises and developed a number of non-profit and charitable enterprises.

Wellspring currently manages 25 schools, with that figure set to grow significantly over the next few years. It operates in mainstream primary and secondary, as well as having extensive experience in delivering special and alternative provision. Wellspring also manages a portfolio of complementary services, include mental health support services, community projects for young adults with special needs, and a host of training and consultancy services around behaviour management in schools.

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