More possibilities for digital learning with an open digital whiteboard platform

Closed platforms benefit the very few and not the many, and stifle innovation by closing themselves to new ideas and concepts. What’s more, they offer limitations in usability and choice of tools. Not only is this a losing equation for platform owners and their partners, but ultimately their end-users. As result of this, from day one, ViewSonic has taken an open-platform approach with its myViewBoard ecosystem.

ViewSonic myViewBoard is a collaborative platform that offers educators easy access to all their tools, assignments, courses, and documents in one place, with the added bonus of having an open, agnostic, and secure digital whiteboard platform at their fingertips. myViewBoard is a one-stop-shop for preparation, presentation, and participation. Through its inclusive capabilities, myViewBoard helps create a digital learning environment that is engaging, interactive, and effective. myViewBoard is built upon on a technology-agnostic philosophy that allows it to integrate easily with other ecosystems and existing platforms. It is currently supported by Amazon Web Services and is integrated with both Google for Education and Intel Unite™. Moreover, ViewSonic began collaborating with Microsoft to offer educators a seamless digital teaching experience and access to the best of myViewBoard and Microsoft Education.

The main beneficiaries of this strategic partnership will be schools and universities that already utilise myViewBoard or Microsoft Education tools. The new synergy between the two platforms builds upon the already comprehensive capabilities of myViewBoard for Windows. As with other myViewBoard solutions, myViewBoard for Windows is an easy-to-use and incredibly secure software solution designed specifically for Windows and incorporates the use of interactive displays, such as ViewSonic’s ViewBoard interactive displays.

myViewBoard for Windows lets users write, highlight, edit, and transform Office 365 documents and images on-screen in real-time – leveraging interactive displays to create more engaging lessons and lectures. Through the new partnership with Microsoft Education, myViewBoard users will now enjoy deeper integration with Microsoft Education tools. For example, users can use Immersive Reader, a learning tool that provides a full-screen reading experience to increase the readability of text to assist in teaching. In addition, myViewBoard for Windows is now fully integrated with Bing Image Search, Text to Speech, Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive, and Skype for Business, offering seamless usability with Microsoft Education.

Beyond creating synergy with other providers and platforms, ViewSonic also sees “open” as a commitment to ensuring that the benefits of myViewBoard are accessible to as many schools and universities as possible, regardless of their geographic location or financial situation. As a result, ViewSonic offers two cost-effective solutions. Among them is the newly launched myViewBoard Mouse which will be coming onto the market in the second quarter. This one-of-akind mouse allows schools to tap into the advantages of the myViewBoard ecosystem with a minimal initial investment. It helps schools achieve this with embedded myViewBoard software, allowing schools to enjoy the benefits of myViewBoard by connecting with any of their existing displays, whether they be interactive flat panels or monitors without capacitive touch capabilities.

In addition to the myViewBoard Mouse, ViewSonic also offers the ViewBoard Mini IFP2410. The Mini is a front-end smart interactive teaching platform boasting a 24” display with a 10-point projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen. The smart interactive teaching platform is geared toward schools that want to upgrade to digital whiteboards but have to take into consideration existing projectors that have yet to reach the end of their service lives. The ViewBoard Mini allows teachers to use its touchscreen to operate features similar to a digital whiteboard and project content onto a screen with existing projectors. Schools can thereby upgrade their classrooms without rendering their projectors obsolete.

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