Make your building super-efficient with a Power DEC

display-energy-certificate-utilitywisePublic authorities like schools, galleries and leisure centres have to display a DEC. Did you know you can also use it as a powerful tool for improving energy efficiency?

Failure to show a valid DEC could result in a £1,500 penalty. Enquire now for a free and receive a free no obligation DEC checking service.

Getting efficiency right and effective

education-sector-graphic-high-resBusiness visionary Peter Drucker said: “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things,” and you achieve both with a Display Energy Certificate (DEC).

Under European Directives 2002/91/EC and 2010/31/EU, you must display a DEC at any public building or one that’s frequently visited by the public in England and Wales, when it has a total useful floor area of 250m2 or more. By law, you must also have an advisory report.

It’s advantageous having both. First, your local authority can charge a penalty of £500 for not displaying the DEC and £1,000 for failing to have a valid report. Second, if you take on board the report’s recommendations you can improve your building’s energy performance.

Utilitywise plc, more than just an Energy Consultant

We also offer simple, hassle-free energy contracts for businesses that let you fix your price, update your price or buy directly from the wholesale market.

Every business can benefit from a fixed energy deal where you gain business budget certainty by fixing a price over a fixed period of one to five years.

You can also choose a FixedFlex contract where you can ask for a fixed price if prices drop. If electricity and gas prices increase they’re protected – the price stays the same. If they fall, they can change their business energy contract by re-fixing the price to a lower rate and extending their contract.

A flexible contract could suit your business if you spend more than £100,000 on electricity each year and want us to purchase it from the wholesale commodity market, while a portfolio deal suits smaller firms.

Total control and more

Controlling your electricity and gas consumption is the surest way to save money and the ultimate way to do this is through our Utilitywise Utility Management Plan and Utility Insight SmartDash.

We’ll ensure you’re on the right tariff and do a utility health check. Combined with an education programme to staff and the installation of correct controls, you’ll be able to see your energy usage and do something about it.

By just getting your staff to help, you could reduce energy consumption by 33% and by taking control, a further 20% reduction in utilities costs.

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