Make sure your school governors meet their statutory responsibilities

Governance is becoming more complex, requiring greater accountability of educational, operational and financial performance, and the management of key risks.

Hackney Learning Trust’s (HLT) governance services team utilise staff with wide-ranging expertise of school leadership and governance. They are a trusted provider in helping governing boards support and challenge the continuous improvement of their schools

They have a fantastic governance training offer, which can be bought as individual courses or as an annual package.  The courses provided will ensure the schools governors are fully prepared to meet their statutory responsibilities. The training courses will also provide governors with support in delivering stronger governance of educational, organisational and financial performance and developing innovative solutions to common challenges that are facing schools.

Why is training for governing boards so important?

We know from experience that strong governance plays a crucial role in supporting and challenging school leaders to develop and sustain the highest quality of education and exceptional outcomes for all our children, particularly those who are most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Governing schools in an era of political and financial uncertainty is complex. It requires stronger and more assured governance than ever before to address the greater levels of accountability for educational, operational and financial standards, and the management of key risks. Approximately 300,000 people volunteer as school governors. In doing so they share their skills, expertise and time for free. The financial value of strong governance has an estimated value of £40k per school. The social value of this public role is immeasurable.

How do we deliver our programme?

Our Central Governance Training Package includes The Foundations of Strong Governance: 5 Steps, as well as the session covering Effective Governance of Key Themes. All sessions are delivered by an expert in the relevant field, which makes our offering unique.

We works in partnership with experts within Hackney learning Trust as well as external partners and professional bodies including the National Governance Association (NGA) to be able to offer valued guidance and support that ensures effective governance of all types of schools. We host morning and evening sessions to accommodate the working pattern of governors who volunteer their time and skills. You can download a copy of our training programme here.

What else do you do and how do we find out more?

We also offer bespoke support and training, specialised clerking amongst other services to ensure schools are up to date on everything governance.

To find out more, you can contact us, on using the following methods

Phone: 020 8820 7369



What do your customers think about your Governance Service?

“Thank you for leading us in our thinking at our Whole Service Day recently.

You spoke with such conviction that you challenged us to look again at our provision and expectations for the achievement of disadvantaged and vulnerable children. You’re encouraging us to look at classroom experiences and provision through the eye of a child was particularly powerful and thought provoking, as was the story of ‘no child left behind’.

We have become even more determined to challenge our expectations for disadvantaged pupils and to work in a more joined-up way across the service to ensure a coherent approach to improving outcomes for all our children”. We look forward to working with you in the future”.

Danielle Cassell, Senior Manager: System Leadership, East Sussex

“Governor Services were amazing with the level of support that I received last year in my first year of Headship, truly above and beyond their remit. As a new Head they supported me in following the correct processes at all board and committee meetings and gave me the confidence to develop stronger governance in order to drive school improvement at Benthal”.

Louise Drew, Headteacher, Benthal Primary School.

“The governors services enable academies to secure clerking support which provide impartial minute taking and advice in governors meetings and pupil discipline committees.  The regular training opportunities help ensure that governors have the knowledge and skills to interrogate data and provide checks and balances that all schools need to continually improve”

Mark Malcolm, Principal The City Academy Hackney.

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