LUX – a better experience with every touch

clevertouch1Clevertouch Plus, Plus 4K and Pro now come with LUX, the most advanced user interface ever built for largeformat interactive touchscreens. Created to enhance many of the features that Clevertouch education users have come to rely upon like its apps and custom designed software – every part of LUX is designed to make life easier for teachers taking technology out of the equation.

Our goal at Clevertouch is to make an IT expert out of anyone and with LUX this is now a reality. Teachers, students and business users can present and interact with information as instinctively as the device in their pockets.

Inbuilt flexibility

Every Clevertouch is flexible, offering different types of connectivity from HDMI to VGA, LAN to Wifi, USB to EShare technology. All connectivity options are managed and organised by LUX so that they don’t interrupt important tasks.

Apps are everything

Every version of LUX comes with apps suited to the user. Whether it’s download-on-demand, Cleverstore for education, or the convenience of built-in business apps, LUX has a growing range of dedicated software that simplifies tasks.

Refined approach

With LUX, Clevertouch takes a giant leap into the future, finessing set-up processes and letting teachers teach.

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