Logitech Scribe – A whiteboard camera for hybrid learning

Logitech Scribe is an AI-powered whiteboard camera that can display, in real-time, a perfect view of the board to remote learners.

It is leading the way in the classroom of the future by making lessons more accessible, an essential innovation in education technology as hybrid learning becomes more pervasive.

Scribe’s simple-to-use design allows teachers to share content into video meetings with just the press of a button. Enhanced integrations with Microsoft Teams® Rooms and Zoom Rooms™ make the experience effortless, virtually transporting students into the same room. Scribe can also be used as a USB content camera, providing flexibility of use and location.

Broadcasting whiteboard surfaces up to six by four feet with exceptional clarity, Scribe encourages student engagement and productivity regardless of location. Through built-in artificial intelligence, it enhances the colour of whiteboard content so that it is easier to read, and “ghosts” the drawing hand of the presenter, allowing students to have an uninterrupted view at all times. It is further able to detect non-digital content, such as Post-it™ notes, ensuring that nothing is missed.

With its clean, wall-mounted design and thoughtful cable management, Scribe can easily be set up and blend seamlessly into any modern classroom. It can also be easily detached and re-fitted to suit the needs of a dynamic classroom. The camera comes with everything needed to get up and running, including a wireless share button, mounting components, power supply and category cables for deployment at scale.

With Scribe, Logitech ensures ease of collaboration between students and teachers, providing the best interactive learning experience possible in the classroom of the future.

To find out more about Scribe, visit https://www.logitech.com/en-gb/scribe

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