Leading UK energy providers launch flexible renewable energy solutions for businesses

AvantiRenewables co-directors, Mark Duncan, left, and Neil Murphy.
AvantiRenewables co-directors, Mark Duncan, left, and Neil Murphy.

Two pioneering energy suppliers, AvantiGas and Duncan Renewables, have partnered to launch AvantiRenewables, a single-supplier of multi-fuel energy solutions aimed at giving the education sector greater green fuel choices.

The joint venture sees AvantiGas, national supplier of LPG, and Duncan Renewables, award-winning experts in the provision of renewable energy technologies, collaborate to help customers navigate towards greener fuel solutions.

AvantiRenewables provides customers with flexible and tailored lower carbon fuel choices and one of its first offerings uses biomass technology to deliver heating and hot water for businesses.

Neil Murphy, director of AvantiRenewables, commented: “AvantiRenewables  brings together two established energy companies to share years of tried and trusted expertise in energy provision.

“The joint venture allows customers to tap into an extensive bank of renewable energy knowledge while also benefitting from a bespoke, one-to-one service. Our aim is to help customers make informed decisions about greener fuel options specific to their energy objectives.

“Biomass is an evolving source of renewable energy and is still a relatively new concept for many businesses but AvantiRenewables is perfectly positioned to advise and supply the right solutions.”

How it works

As AvantiRenewables develops, biomass will form the first component of what is expected to be a suite of flexible green fuel solutions available to commercial customers. Biomass heating systems burn wood, predominantly in the form of pellets, to provide buildings with space heating, process heating and hot water requirements.

AvantiRenewables provides businesses with the opportunity to use biomass independently or as an integrated energy source in combination with LPG, depending on the customer needs profile.

Mark Duncan, co-director of AvantiRenewables said: “The great thing about AvantiRenewables is our collaborative strength in giving businesses long-term, flexible heating solutions tailored to their individual needs.

“We recognise that customers are increasingly aware of the need to move their energy requirements to a greener, cleaner fuel type for both financial and environmental reasons. For many customers the best solution lies in using a combination of technologies delivered by a one-stop shop buying policy.  AvantiRenewables objective is to be that single-supplier point of contact for customers.”

Tailored and funded schemes

Incorporating the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), AvantiRenewables offers two installation options. Where capital is not available, the on-site model offers an RHI-supported ‘fund and facilitate’ scheme where the 20 years’ security of an owned and operated facility can give the customer peace of mind.


Where capital is available, the equipment sale model allows the customer to buy and install the equipment from AvantiRenewables, with optional operational support services provided as required.

Businesses looking to find out more about AvantiRenewables can visit www.avantirenewables.com or call 0808 191 0000

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