Improving the world with the power of skills

Many industries are facing a pressing issue; waves of skilled professionals from the baby boom generation are planning their retirement, and the ever changing job market is transforming the dynamics of how and where people work, leaving a trail of skills gaps in its wake.

Worldskills UK is an independent organisation and network of experts from education and industry who have joined forces to tackle this issue head on by inspiring young people in the UK. The aim is to reduce the widening skills gap by providing hands on experiences, allowing young people to explore skills and vocational pathways and motivating them to find out more about the world of work, industry brands and key organisations.

As the nation’s largest careers event, The SkillsShow plays a major role in this plan. The show allows young people to explore career pathways in a range of sectors which they may not have previously considered, as well as a priceless opportunity to network with expert careers advisors and key influencers within major industry players.

For the young people taking part in the 200+ skills competitions, they are provided with a platform on which to demonstrate their talent to potential employers as well as raising the standards within their sector by becoming a role model to others.

Be a part of the future

The RACHP industry is often a hidden industry, but modern life would not be possible without it. Air conditioning and refrigeration is undoubtedly essential, but whilst the industry will continue to grow it is facing a real skills shortage that can only be eased by the investment of time, support and resources from schools, governments and businesses.

With over 80,000 11-24 year olds in attendance at The Skills Show, SkillFRIDGE is an opportunity to project the varied range of exciting career paths available for bright individuals within this vital industry.

Sponsoring SkillFRIDGE is the perfect way for brands to show their investment in the future engineers of the RACHP industry, and to align themselves with the highest standard of skill. A range of sponsorship opportunities are still available, and provide an opportunity to have your brand profiled within a wide reaching national and international media campaign with leading industry media partners.

For more information on sponsoring SkillFRIDGE, please contact:
Karena Cooper, SkillFRIDGE Competition Operating Partner (COP) Manager
Tel: 01622 699 150