Keep Winter Bugs at Bay with Good Hand Hygiene

kiddiThe colder season brings with it different challenges for schools and nurseries but hand hygiene should always remain a top priority in order to shield children from winter bugs, such as colds, flu and even norovirus.

According to the Department of Education, 62% of overall absences in the school year[1] is due to illness – the equivalent of 11.4 million school days[2].

Manty Stanley, managing director at TEAL, says: “Viruses such as the flu, norovirus and the common cold occur more frequently in the colder months. Children have fragile immune systems meaning viruses such as these can pose major health risks.

“Hand hygiene needs to be kept top of the agenda as it can safeguard both pupils and staff against winter bugs and the distress they can cause.

“Anti-bacterial gels are not enough to protect children – washing hands with soap and warm water is the gold standard of hand hygiene.

“Hand washing should be a learning experience for children – a developed skill that will stay with them for life,” says Manty.

TEAL manufacture the Kiddiwash range – portable, warm water, hand wash units which require no access to mains water or drainage.

The range includes the robust KiddiSynk. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor learning, it is fun to use and makes hand hygiene fun and educational. The unit can be filled with up to eight litres of fresh warm water – enough for 10, 40-second hand washes.

Highly portable, the KiddiSynk has a secure waste water container which is separate to the fresh hand washing water.

The KiddiSynk is just one of a range of solutions available from TEAL. Other models include the Kiddiwash and Pinkiwash.

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