Jobs and Careers in Hull after Graduation

If you have just graduated as an engineer, manufacturing expert, designer, environmentalist or marketing genius, there are graduate jobs in Hull waiting for you!

Hull and the surrounding area were once heavily reliant on the fishing industry and related jobs. However, these industries have been in a steady decline. Hence the reason why it is reported that those living in coastal regions of the UK earn £1,600 less on average per year than those in inland communities.

Despite the doom and gloom around seafaring jobs in Hull, the local industry has managed to reinvent itself into an epicentre for engineering, manufacturing and healthcare. Smith & Nephew, Seven Seas and BP are all major employers in the area today – and they are continually looking for the best graduate talent.

Where to Work in Hull after Graduation?

If you have recently graduated from the University of Hull or are a returning graduate to the area, you may be wondering what opportunities you can find in Hull. These opportunities have grown recently with plenty of new graduate jobs up for grabs. You can find these directly on employer sites or by searching for jobs in Hull on JobRapido.

Some great examples of graduate employers in Hull include:

  1. The University of Hull: You can take up further study to earn a doctorate, research fellowship, or start working in the teams behind the scenes at the university.
  2. Hull City Council: Work in the public sector on environmental programmes as well as housing or IT jobs.
  3. BAE Systems: Get into a manufacturing, engineering or marketing graduate job here.
  4. BP: Newly graduated engineers may be interested in working for BP and their exciting projects.
  5. Associated British Ports: Just because seafaring jobs have declined does not mean they are dead. The industry still needs fresh-faced grads to keep the industry afloat.

Many of these companies have added automation to recruitment processes. So if you do apply, you are likely to find out if you have been successful quicker!

Hull’s Growing Industries

Hull has moved away from its maritime reputation, but just like any other location, it cannot cater to all graduates of different disciplines. Hull’s new-look job market is geared towards engineering and manufacturing, with some emphasis on healthcare and chemical engineering. These are complex and rewarding professions, meaning the pay for these jobs is usually lucrative.

Along with these types of roles, Hull also has a place for those working in sales and marketing. After all, these manufacturing companies also need other departments to complete their processes and operations. Moreover, Hull has just expanded its main shopping centre, providing further opportunity for graduate job growth.

Reasons to Work and Live in Hull

Hull is improving its reputation as a place to live and settle down after graduation. Alongside enhanced career prospects for graduates, those living in Hull can also tap into vibrant urban life, as well as cheaper living costs. Compared to London and bigger norther cities, Hull offers much more affordable living costs and is close to many other locations where graduates may find work, including Lincoln (36 miles), York (38 miles) and Grimsby (32 miles).

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