Jacqueline Wilson asks schools to take a big step towards girls’ education

JW & HP togetherBest-selling children’s author Jacqueline Wilson has teamed up with Dr Helen Pankhurst, women’s activist and direct descendant of the leaders of the suffragette movement, to encourage UK schools to support girls’ education in developing countries.

Wilson and Pankhurst are taking part in Walk In Her Shoes, an initiative to raise awareness about the struggles faced by girls in poor communities around the world – girls who are missing out on school because they have to walk miles every day to fetch water for their families.

“Without access to water girls across the world are left with no choice,” says Dr Helen Pankhurst. “Instead of going to school, they have to spend their days walking for water.”

Walk In Her Shoes encourages schools to take part in a sponsored walk, odd shoe day or whatever imaginative idea they like, to raise funds to help girls in some of the poorest communities around the world. Funds raised can allow charity CARE International to provide access to water closer to girls’ homes, freeing them up to go to school and get the education they need to reach their potential in life.

“I’m pleased to lend my support to a campaign which aims to free girls from the same sense of domestic servitude that the suffragettes struggled against 100 years ago,” says Jacqueline Wilson.

Schools taking part in Walk In Her Shoes will be entered into a prize draw – giving primary schools the chance to win an assembly led by Jacqueline Wilson, and secondary schools the opportunity for a visit from Dr Helen Pankhurst. All schools will also be sent educational packs filled with lesson activities, fundraising ideas and tips.

To sign up, visit walkinhershoes.org.uk/schools or contact 020 7091 6100.

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