It’s time to get tech into the classroom

Take note of all those wonderful technologies you use every day that you probably take for granted. Your smartphone, the plethora of apps available to you, and all those binge-worthy TV shows from your video streaming service. Take all those things away and you will find yourself in a bygone era.

Technology has enriched our lives in ways we could never have imagined, and a world without these technologies would be unimaginable to us today. However, despite this, it seems a certain microcosm of our society has been left behind, namely the classroom. While students and teachers alike benefit from the advances in technology outside the classroom, technology inside the classroom seems to lag behind.

As an environment that has such a significant impact on society as a whole, it is inexplicable for classrooms to be left out in the cold. With this discrepancy in mind, ViewSonic sought to offer a solution to harness the latest advancement in technology, including hardware, software, ecosystem, and services, to make teaching and learning more effective, engaging, and accessible.

ViewSonic’s Total EdTech Solution

ViewSonic is the world’s top three interactive display brand, utilizing its knowhow in interactive displays and prowess in software and services. ViewSonic has developed its total EdTech solution to bring classrooms up to speed in terms of both hardware technology and a dedicated software ecosystem with platform integration with Microsoft and Google. ViewSonic’s solution integrates its interactive displays, ViewBoard, with its proprietary myViewBoard software platform to create a comprehensive ecosystem.

ViewBoard is designed especially with education in mind and facilitates content sharing through interactive touch, enabling better presentations, more engaging discussions, and critical thinking. myViewBoard is a PC/Android/browser-based multiplatform digital whiteboard solution. It offers seamless integration with abundant, high-quality and secured resources, and on-premise or online sharing and collaboration. It is accessible anywhere and yet highly secure. By integrating hardware, software and services to create a holistic ecosystem, ViewSonic provides schools and universities with a meaningful solution that enhances learning and teaching.

Prepare, Present, Participate

At the core of ViewSonic’s total EdTech solution is its focus on improving preparation, presentation, and participation. As any teacher can attest to, preparation and planning are critical components of effective teaching. With ViewSonic’s total EdTech solution, teachers can prepare from anywhere, allowing for maximum flexibility.

The solution operates on a technology agnostic philosophy and supports Google for Education and Microsoft Education, allowing schools to easily integrate with their existing platforms. In addition, in partnership with Boclips, teachers have access to over two million ad-free, contentcurated educational videos, doing away with the need to sort, evaluate content appropriateness, or worry about copyright infringement.

In terms of the presentation of lessons, quick access to assets and the ability to distribute those assets to students provide for a more engaging classroom environment. Easy accessibility of assets includes seamless integration with various cloud storage services including Microsoft OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Box, and Dropbox. Once in hand, these assets can be shared effortlessly with individual students or groups of students on their tablet, notebook or smartphone. Once this happens, the magic of participation begins. Students can share multimedia and video assets with the teacher and fellow students for more open discussions.

To help students retain knowledge, teachers can bring assets onto their ViewBoard interactive display to enlarge images and videos for all to see or annotate parts of documents for further clarification. At the end of the lesson, students can take quizzes on their notebook to ensure retention.

Get a Hands-On Look at ViewSonic’s Total EdTech Solution at BETT 2020

ViewSonic will showcase its total EdTech solution at the British Educational Training and Technology (BETT) show in London (Jan. 20-25), including ViewBoard hardware and accessories, plus myViewBoard software, along with live demos of its advanced tools and features and the overall ecosystem. In addition, ViewSonic will also be demonstrating exclusive previews of some new functionalities, including a new AI component, Video Assisted Learning and Esports solutions for education.

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