How education can raise student aspirations

Does academic study or career-focused learning offer young people better preparation for life beyond university? A topic frequently debated in the education sector. Academic studies have traditionally been held in higher regard than vocational routes, but general opinion is now changing. Today, students are provided with enviable professional study pathways and students, teachers, parents and employers are noticing the value that career-focused training can provide.

Recognising the potential for combining academic and vocational study, the International Baccalaureate launched the Career-related Programme in 2012, which blends academic and career-related learning. The programme has seen huge success in the UK since its inception, not just in grades achieved but in raising aspirations of students from some of the most deprived areas of the UK. This webinar will touch on a case study of a school in Westminster that has offered the programme since 2012, and will highlight the transformation it can make for your school.