How about studying on the continent? BaseCamp dormitories – enjoy life to the fullest!

It’s not only British universities that represent the highest world level. Many young British people, in search of both a good education and fun, choose to study abroad. BaseCamp dormitories are located in Germany, Poland and Denmark in student cities. Discover these unique places in Poland (Łódź and soon Katowice), Germany (Leipzig, Potsdam and soon Dortmund), as well as in Denmark (two dormitories in Copenhagen and one in the nearby Lyngby). If you want to start studying in any of these cities soon, BaseCamp is the best place to live! We will tell you why!

BaseCamp – more than just a dormitory

Traditional halls of residence are designed to serve as a place to sleep, and the administrators prefer the students to meet up and have fun off the premises. BaseCamp is accommodation that also offers a lot of entertainment. On each campus, you will find: a cinema room, gym, bicycle rental and spaces for cooking or learning together in a specially designated area. All this is close to city centres and major universities.

Our student rooms are designed so that you can experience as much as possible while studying and not have to worry about anything. Each room is fully furnished and has its own bathroom, basic kitchenette and fridge. It feels like living in your own small apartment. You will never complain about a lack of privacy or an endless queue for the bathroom. What’s more, you only need to take clothes, books and other personal belongings with you, because the rest of the usual equipment awaits you in the dormitory. This makes it very easy to move to another country. We also understand how important access to high-speed internet is, so every student gets it as standard. What else can you find in the dormitory? Each BaseCamp provides large, communal kitchens where you can cook your meals together, if you like . All facilities are also adapted for people with disabilities and located in close proximity to the university.

To rent a room at the BaseCamp of your choice, just go to our website and choose the city in which the campus is located. Room rentals can be done online, where you simply book a room that is free and catches your eye. Of course, you can also come to a given city and see the available rooms after making an appointment. However, we realise that the latter option may be difficult due to the long distance and the need to travel to another country. Therefore, there is no problem with renting a room via the Internet. You can handle all the formalities in English, so even if you do not know the local language, there will be no contract-related problems whatsoever. Signed documents can be sent to us in an envelope and all formalities can be completed remotely.

Why did we make it this way?

We know that studying is not just a time for entering adulthood and intensive learning. It’s about a healthy mind in a healthy body – which is why we offer you sports activities, right next to your accommodation. It is also a time of forming friendships, perhaps for many years to come, hence there are shared cinemas, as well as kitchens and bike rentals. Student years are one of the best times in life, so it’s worth spending them in a unique way.

Leaving your family home and studying abroad is a huge challenge, so it’s worth making this time easier for yourself. Learning is completely different now than it used to be – some classes are not mandatory; nobody checks the attendance list and you can take the final exams several times. On the other hand, lecturers often treat you as an adult, so you have to look for a lot of materials and teaching aids on your own and plan your learning time yourself. It can be a big leap, so additional obligations related to living or conducting an adult life on your own may sometimes be too much. After all, your parents used to take care of it all! Living in BaseCamp you will never be left alone. There are special Base managers who coordinate the entire campus and are happy to help in any situation. In case of any doubts or problems, you can always call one of the employees, go to the reception desk or use the help of BaseCamp assistants. Our dormitory represents an easier start to a new, more grown up stage of life.

The priority was to make the dormitory not only a place to sleep, but also to gather the community around it. There is always something going on around BaseCamp and a lot of people are involved. You will have the opportunity to meet new people and make interesting friends during various dance events, joint bicycle trips, games evenings, concerts, events, workshops and discussion circles. Regardless of whether you are a partygoer or a fairly quiet person, you will surely find interesting activities here. And there is more. Each student has access to a common room where you can spend time and integrate with others, there are gyms, games corners, quiet study rooms or green areas. Many opportunities and places translate to many chances to meet interesting people, build valuable relationships and create happy memories for years.

Also, we are not forgetting the importance of a balance between entertainment and education. Student life is the best time for parties, new and interesting experiences and discovering your interests, so this aspect cannot be neglected. If you don’t like partying, you will also find plenty of opportunities on campus to relax and take a break from books.

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