Goodbye Confusion. Hello Convenience.


That’s one word which has been used to describe the effect our parents’ evening booking system has had on a school. Why? Because we take the old manual approach and throw it away. In its place we’ve developed a fully automated and fully integrated booking system that really does take the hassle out of parents’ evenings – as well as managing bookings for clubs, events and trips.

We are trusted by millions of parents, pupils and teachers worldwide to deliver smoother, more effective parents’ evenings and meetings; using video, telephone or face to face formats. Our pioneering system – honed over 12 years – can save your school hundreds of teaching and administrative hours each year. Time that can be reinvested where it’s needed most – in teaching and nurturing parental engagement for improved pupil performance.

If you’re feeling detached from what’s going on at your parents’ evening, our booking management and reporting system brings you in tune with what’s going on and when. No more chasing up paperwork or missed appointments.

We know how hectic life is and that you probably already have too many plates spinning at once. Get to know Parents Booking and we’ll happily spin a few for you to free up a bit more of your time.

And no encyclopaedic manuals are required to use our system. In fact, it has been designed from inception with simplicity in mind. It is intuitive with no extra software needed to operate fully. Join a parents’ evening from work, on your dinner break, or while out on the road with a greater degree of privacy. It can fit in with your life.

If you’re a teacher, you will find that it takes a lot of pressure off and is a useful support tool. You can receive prior notice of discussion points from parents, leading to better outcomes for all concerned. It encourages clear communication and simplifies what can be a complex process.

You’ll find that parental attendance increases, with our focus on remote meetings meaning no access to the school is required. And all data can be integrated from your school’s MIS. You can even meet parents from the comfort of your own home if you wish, allowing you to get more done.

We are educational booking system innovators, and we’re here to help you make better use of your time, and ultimately, enhance pupil performance in school. 
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