Flexible Working Spaces Aren’t Just About the Space

How One College Used Technology to Really Make Their Innovation Centre Work

When John Mansfield joined Haringey Sixth Form College as Head of Campus and Estates, he set about improving the IT facilities for students by working on the brand-new Innovation Centre. John had been tasked with redeveloping a previously under-used area of the college, to maximise the available space and enhance the facilities to create a state-of-the-art environment that students would love to use. Haringey already had a long-standing relationship with LapSafe® so John was able to talk to them about what solutions could work. Although they have been using LapSafe® trolleys around the college for many years, the new space needed something different.

A Flexible Solution
The space needed to work for a range of uses, not only desk top PCs, but also creating a flexible approach to study, allowing students to borrow laptops for self-directed learning, and to have space to work in groups. The college also wanted to show some flare and the overall design of the space had to look a million dollars!

Installing FLEX™ lockers alongside the PCs was the ideal solution and also looked fantastic. The lockers created a more usable space for the students and meant a total of 90 computers, either laptops or desktop PCs, were now available.

FLEX™ personal storage and charging lockers support flexible working by maximising space and providing access to individual charging locker bays at any time. The customisable options allowed a range of bay sizes, charging options and even the colours were available to fit in with Haringey’s perfect design.

“The idea with the Innovation Centre started in the early part of last year and was completed in the summer, it has worked really well. We had the FLEX™ units put in on a Friday, it charged the devices over the weekend, and the students started using them on the Monday morning.”
– John Mansfield


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