First ever UK network of young tutors created to support GCSE resits 

GCSE resit students are being tutored by other young people across the UK in a ground-breaking new project.

Activate Learning and peer tutoring organisation Yipiyap have created a system that connects students with a tutor of their choice, close to them in age, to give them additional support and teaching in a series of online lessons.

Up to 600 students from Activate Learning’s seven colleges are taking part, with over 20 tutors from across the UK. They themselves have recently completed A Levels.

Anne Morris of Yipiyap, says: “Peer teaching has proven results as the tutors are close in age and relatable – they help bring a bit of fun to it. We already work with schools to provide peer tutors for in-class support, but this is the first time we have created a complete network with the express purpose of helping with exam resits.”

Anne Haig-Smith at Activate Learning, said: “We are delighted to be working on this innovative new project.”

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