Fireco’s free guide to school fire safety

Fireco has produced an eBook entitled ‘Seven common questions about school fire safety’.

The eBook is free to download and is aimed at anyone in a school responsible for fire safety.

Fire safety can seem complicated to those that are unfamiliar with fire regulations. Our eBook simplifies the topic, with a step-by-step guide that clearly explains how schools can remain safe and compliant.

Questions answered in the eBook include:

  • Who is responsible for fire safety?
  • What is a fire risk assessment?
  • What can we do day-today to make sure we’re fire safe?
  • What should be included on our emergency plan?
  • What training do staff and students need?
  • How can we minimise the risk of arson?
  • What are the penalties for not complying with regulations?

The eBook also features a risk assessment checklist.

To download please visit

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