Education: A Two-Way Street

Education should not be about one-way communication and the latest innovation from BenQ looks to shift the way we teach and learn, in lockdown and beyond.

BenQ’s latest interactive whiteboard solution, EZWrite Live, is a free to access web-based platform which allows collaboration between multiple users anywhere in the world, facilitating remote education and learning.

EZWrite Live is fully accessible from any device with access to a web-browser, paving the way for more advanced and collaborative education teaching solution. By scanning a QR code or clicking on a link, students can easily join to participate in lessons safely from anywhere in the world.

Two modes, broadcast and co-create, allow teachers to seamlessly switch between one-way presentation and two-way teaching collaboration, annotations and sticky note features give real-time student feedback.

For instances of one-on-one tuition, the EZWrite Live’s innate video conferencing abilities allow for a personal and nurturing educational backdrop, with the ability to host live discussions alongside the collaborative whiteboard.

With uncertainty around the re-opening of schools throughout the country; it remains to be seen how much longer the lockdown measures will affect our education system.

For many home schooling and virtual classrooms this has been a new and eye-opening experience into the joint worlds of collaboration and education… a challenge and an opportunity in equal measure.

However, opportunities can only be fully maximised when the right knowledge and skills are at the fingertips of those who need it. There have been instances of teachers having to use collaboration software for the first time, unaware of its full capabilities and potential.

Therefore, to help teachers make the most of their current situation, BenQ are offering free product and software training for those who are using BenQ products for their remote classrooms.

To book a remote demo email:

Join the BenQ drop in sessions between 3.30—4.30 pm every Tuesday and Thursday via

To use EZWrite Live for free visit:

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