Earwig Academic offers free software during COVID-19 crisis

Education technology firm Earwig Academic has announced that during the Covid-19 crisis every school in the country can use their software for free.

The online education tool enables pupils to upload their work in multimedia formats to be guided and marked by teachers. The technology means that work can be saved securely in the cloud, linked to assessments and made into reports. A modified version has been created by Earwig to be used intuitively and without the usual training required. The software will be available for free for six months.

Peter Gelardi, CEO of Earwig Academic says: “At a time of national crisis it is imperative that teachers are given everything they need to continue to maintain the momentum of their pupils’ education. Teachers, other educators and therapists will be given free access to the Earwig software in an effort to mitigate the effect of the pandemic in the event of school closures.”

To apply contact Earwig on 0333 6666 166 or info@earwigacademic.com

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