Do your children have a growth mindset?

Equip your children with the tools to overcome any challenge with Growth Mindset Lessons, the practical and easy-to-use handbook from Rising Stars.

Suggested lesson plans for Years 1-6, templates and downloadable resources help you develop the key concepts of a growth mindset in your classroom, including learning from mistakes and failure, resilience and self-efficacy.

Author Katherine Muncaster has developed these lessons in her own school, to great acclaim, developing in pupils “a real enjoyment of learning and a confidence to tackle any challenge they encounter” (OFSTED report, 2013). With this simple £30 handbook, co-authored by leading professional development expert Shirley Clarke, an effective learning culture is easy to implement across your primary school too.

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“Growth mindset is vital for learning. Without a growth mindset, you could give up on everything.” – Feedback from a child in Katherine’s school

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