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climb01Climb Hire, now Climb Hire Limited, was established in 2005. Our ethos – Making difficult to access sports and activities more accessible.

The mobile climbing wall is a unique opportunity to bring the climbing experience to the masses. Typically, school groups would need to arrange transport to a suitable climbing centre. So by bringing the climbing wall to the required location; the expense, staffing and planning is reduced. Furthermore, At Climb-Hire we are committed to catering for a wide range of students. The unique benefits of a mobile wall and experience staff mean we can engage and teach pupils with any requirements.

climb02By 2008 the company had firm foundations with many clients. This enabled us to expand our business by looking for more suitable activities we could offer. We were looking for activities that could be used on a ‘have a go’ basis and also activities that accommodated a structured education session. So in 2008 we added archery, in the form of a full archery range to your location with qualified experienced staff.

As the company grows we are always looking for suitable sporting activities which we can use for educational sessions or as a simple ‘have a go’ activity. We considered all sport types, on their popularity and the ease of access. After searching for ideas the next core sport/activity we added was golf, in the form of four golf simulators. The simulators can be set up in any sports hall with a minimum height of 3m.

Although golf seems like a difficult activity to provide onsite, it is within our ethos of being a sport or activity which would normally be difficult to access. Over four million people play golf in the UK, but it is not taught in schools on a reflective scale. We have four simulators which help tutor the student as well as four putting areas. The activity is delivered by a qualified golf tutor and an assistant. As golf is a difficult activity for young people to get to grips with, we can also deliver table tennis to primary schools.


As we approach our 10th anniversary we are about to launch our next big activity, caving. Our mobile cave system consists of around 30m (100ft) of linear squeezes, pot holes and chambers. Delivered on a 7.5m truck and only taking up 7.5m2. Again this activity will be available as a structured educational session or as a ‘have a go’ fun session. Available from 01/03/2015 see our website for more details.

If the cave is hired with the climbing wall, we are able to increase the climbing aspect to include a bouldering (low level technical climbing) section.

With this addition we are able to deliver; caving, climbing, bouldering, archery, golf and more activities to one location. With an increased focus on getting young people involved in sport, we have a broad range of activities meaning there is something for everyone.

As well as simplifying the way schools can provide activities and get more people into sport, the effect on the environment is significantly reduced as we can bring all of these activities in one vehicle.


Recently, we have been experiencing greater demand for GCSE Sport. Climbing, archery and golf can all be delivered to your school. Our qualified staff can assist and educate your students through their GSCE’s in their chosen sports. All of the criteria for these sports can be delivered by us with our equipment.

All of our staff are qualified, experienced and are CRB/DBS checked, evidence of this is provided will every booking. Additionally, there is a qualified first aider with each activity.

climb-logoAll of these activities are available to hire please visit our website for further details:

Also we are always looking for suitable sporting activities please visit our website to keep up to date with what we can offer.

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