Choosing the Right Fencing for Your School Grounds

How to protect educational sites from a wide range of risks with security fencing.

Fencing in and around school grounds has a list of vital functions, from preventing unauthorised entry and deterring theft, to enclosing sports areas and keeping play areas safe. Perimeters should be specifically designed to be fit for purpose, low maintenance, sustainable, and must project the right image too.

For school perimeter fencing, the style of barrier should meet the school’s security requirements while avoiding an unpleasant, fortress-like environment, which could cause negative first impressions. Security fencing that is functional as well as attractive will help overcome any concerns of creating an unwelcoming environment, and promote a sense of well-being for students, staff and visitors.

Secured by Design recommends that perimeter fencing should reach a minimum of two metres in height, be vandal-resistant, difficult to scale and grounded on a hard surface. Jacksons Fencing offers a range of steel mesh panel, timber, timber and mesh combination, and vertical bar-style security fencing systems. Furthermore, acoustic fencing from Jacksons can reduce the effects of environmental noise from neighbouring roads and sites, while protecting surrounding housing from the everyday noise pollution from schools.

For play areas within nursery and junior schools, it’s important to install RoSPA-approved and BS EN 1176-compliant fencing and gates. These have been tested for their ability to provide safety while reducing the risk of entrapment of limbs. For MUGAs (Multi-Use Games Areas), enclosures can be designed with specialist mesh systems to allow multiple sports to be played in the same location, while protecting participants, spectators, and buildings.

Around the school, security-rated vertical bar fencing will maintain visibility into the site and cannot be easily scaled or cut through. Consider also steel-mesh fencing systems: a variety of styles are available, ranging from models that are suited to simple demarcation, to high-security designs. The EuroGuard® Combi system from Jacksons combines an attractive mesh design with timber to achieve an LPS 1175 Security Rating. Where privacy is not required, Euroguard® Regular V-mesh fencing is a popular choice for schools, with its tamper-proof fixings and anti-climb design.

To ensure every school is as safe and secure as it can be, Jacksons Fencing offers RoSPA-approved, LPS 1175-certified and ISO 9001-compliant security fencing and access control solutions with a 25-year guarantee. With decades of experience designing, manufacturing and installing security fencing in schools, you can rely on Jacksons Fencing to provide the best solutions for your educational site.

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