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Powerful Positive Thinking has added FREE of charge, two new E-Books when schools sign up for its growing range of unique courses designed to motivate and inspire young people in Primary and Secondary Education.

Our courses, together with FREE e-books can be accessed for just one low annual cost subscription of £95 plus VAT. They offer the potential to change lives for the better, particularly those of students, pupils and young people who might be suffering from feelings of negativity and low self-esteem.

All of our courses have been developed with the help and guidance of teaching professionals and trained counsellors to motivate, inspire and challenge the way that students, children and young people think and we now invite you to decide how these courses, e-books and blogs, can make a difference in your school or academy.

The additional e-books are packed full of inspirational blogs to help promote and communicate the benefits of positive thinking. Each e-book contains 30 different blogs between 600 to 800 words long and covers a variety of different subjects. They can be adapted by teaching professionals and used in conjunction with our courses or act as standalone modules and are available to download after you have signed up.

We wish to point out that each blog has been written mainly for older children and adults and in some cases cover mature themes such as divorce and weight loss. It means that some of the blogs might not be suitable for young children and we ask teaching professionals to use discretion when communicating the principles contained in each article.

However, as you will see the overall objective of each blog is to communicate positivity and mindfulness to boost self-esteem and we have been told by many teaching professionals that they act as useful reference when teaching vulnerable young people. Contact us today to find out more.

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