Britain goes “back to school”

In October, celebrities and sports stars will join everyone from nurses to lawyers and plumbers to web designers in going back to school to support current state school students.

They’re joining the national campaign by the leading education charity Future First, Back to School Week, between 13th to 18th October, which will highlight the amazing benefits state school alumni can bring to current students at their old schools.

Future First works in more than 10% of secondary schools and colleges all over Britain. During the campaign, former students will go back for in-school assemblies and workshops designed to inspire and motivate the current students .

More than 90,000 former students have registered with Future First to stay connected with their old school as mentors, and e-mentors, work experience providers career and education role models and as  volunteer governors, donors and fundraisers. Research shows there are ten million people in Britain willing to do the same.

“The talents and expertise of alumni are invaluable,” says Alex Shapland-Howes, Managing Director of Future First. “They are relatable role models for today’s students who see if someone who sat at the same school desk has gone onto achieve a fulfilling career, they can too.

“Private schools and universities have benefitted from their alumni networks for generations and now state schools can do the same.”

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