Big Data: your voice of experience

In the majority of schools today, teachers and support staff are the ones logging IT issues for support providers to fix. While that model may have been appropriate for previous expectations of education, in today’s technologically driven world your learners’ experience with ICT is critical for their full interaction and engagement.

So who hears the voice of your learners?

Until recently, this big data has not been used to improve teaching and learning, however there is now a simple way to give pupils a voice when it comes to their personal experience of ICT.


Why is it taking over two minutes for Pupil X to log in, when logins for other users on comparable devices takes under 30 seconds?

Why are all the tablets logging in wirelessly in classroom Y taking twice as long as classroom Z?

Which devices are being used the most, and which are underutilised?

In a controlled trial, which hardware upgrade would provide users with the most improved experience?

How do internet download speeds compare to other schools?

On any school network, every time a user logs on to a device, they leave behind a trace of that action.  When that school has even the most basic level of support from RM Flex, this anonymised trail of data can provide sufficient information to compare the user experience of every pupil in your school against thousands of other pupils.  This means you can start to ask questions that improve your ICT effectiveness for both service and budget:

RM Flex will monitor over 20 million login events this year.  This means that rather than relying on the shared learnings of a team of two or three people, these experts have the capability to compare data from hundreds of schools and thousands of users, interpreting this into a bank of collective ICT intelligence that gives a proactive voice to your learners for the first time.

Big data can’t give us all the answers, but it can tell us the right questions to ask to make a difference to the real-life events in your school.   Find out more at

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