Aldermans’ new portable sink makes handwashing accessible and fun

Alderman Tooling has launched a new cost-effective portable handwashing station for schools, to enable students and staff to wash their hands easily and safely.

Branded Jengu, the portable sink was originally developed for humanitarian use by the major engineering consultancy Arup, working in conjunction with the British Red Cross and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.  Aldermans worked with Arup to adapt the design and create a cost-effective handwashing unit to help schools respond to the challenges of COVID-19.

The portable sinks require no plumbing as water is supplied from a container, and wastewater is also piped into a separate canister or direct into a drain where available.  This flexibility means that the sinks can be deployed indoors or outdoors, wherever needed.

Indoors, students can wash their hands near their classrooms, without needing to leave their designated areas or bubbles.  Outdoors, students can wash their hands in the playground as soon as they arrive, or before returning to classrooms after break times.

Operated with an easy-to-use foot pump, and accommodating soap and a mirror, handwashing becomes a fun experience for all ages, with minimal supervision needed.

The sinks are robust yet lightweight and can easily be moved by one person.  They can also be secured to the ground, if required.

Trials have taken place in schools during the summer term, with positive feedback.  Sandy Gardner, School Business Manager at the Maynard School in Exeter commented:

“Having a hands-free solution was extremely beneficial by reducing the risk of infection at a crucial time for the school. In fact, for many of our students washing their hands became a socially fun experience and they really enjoyed using the sinks! These sinks will inevitably prove to be an invaluable tool in ensuring high hygiene levels are maintained.”

Deploying Jengu hand washing stations demonstrates a duty of care and is also an important visual reminder for everyone to wash their hands regularly.

Jengu portable sinks are available to buy direct from Aldermans for swift dispatch; and more information can be found at

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