The grass is greener with Liquid Plastics

Liquid Plastics, pioneer of liquid roof waterproofing technology, has supplied a range of roofing solutions for Winston Way School in Ilford, including four green roofs and an innovative Cold Fusion Bonded Built-up roofing system.

The design of the new build school provided a number of different roof areas and various substrates including metal deck, concrete, and timber. As part of the plan to include sustainable features in its design, the school also required four of the roof areas to incorporate a green roof finish.

With its completely cold applied waterproof roof membrane – Decothane – Liquid Plastics was able to supply waterproofing solutions for all of the roofs, including four green roof systems, five fully insulated built-up systems, and a cold applied and seamless inverted roof. The seamless nature of Decothane also allowed the deck to be cast flat in places, and the liquid application meant that penetrations could be quickly and easily waterproofed.

A root resistant version of Decothane, which has been proven to resist penetration even by the most aggressive roots, was used for the green roofs and the inverted roof. Once cured it forms a completely seamless membrane that is highly elastomeric and able to withstand structural and thermal movement without cracking or flaking.

Liquid Plastics also supplied an Intensive Green Roof system for one of the roofs, which will now provide an educational, fully accessible area for the children, allowing them to learn about different plant and flower species in their own eco-garden. The remaining green roofs have received an Extensive Green Roof system simply completed with a sedum mat requiring minimal maintenance, and providing an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly finish.

All systems are seamless and completely cold applied. They are also backed by the BBA and guaranteed to last for at least 25 years.

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