Special training for special needs

“The number of SEN pupils being integrated into a mainstream setting has sharply increased as a result of the Government’s Inclusion Agenda in 2006. Three years on and the issue of SEN teacher training remains in the spotlight, with many industry experts arguing that mainstream schools are ill equipped to deal with pupils with special education needs.

Given that many pupils with special educational needs are now absorbed into mainstream education it is obvious more needs to be done to equip teachers with the skills needed to manage young people with special educational needs.

The National Union of Teachers has also stressed that mainstream schools are not properly equipped to deal with pupils with special educational needs. In a Cambridge University report published two years ago it claimed that teachers were regularly having to deliver specialist services without adequate training.

More recently, the Government advisor, Sir Alan Steer, went on the record to state that bad behaviour in schools is being fuelled by teachers’ failure to properly identify children with special educational needs. It is estimated 17.2% of pupils have an SEN, but fewer than 3% (222,600 children) have been statemented.

Although there are some educational institutions which are now addressing this shortfall in basic teacher training this is mainly through post graduate qualifications or masters certificates. This means that the majority of teachers are still not getting SEN training or very little of it.

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