Now my maths teacher seems to be speaking English rather than Japanese!!

In every class there are always some students who simply don’t get the point of the lesson, others try, but simply find the subject very difficult.

With many subjects, it is not too hard to make up the bits of the syllabus that they have failed to grasp. Indeed, missing even a series of lessons, need not be disastrous.

But in maths, it is different. Maths is the one subject beyond all others where each new topic builds on the full understanding of what has gone before.

Obviously the teacher can’t go back and repeat yesterday’s lesson just for the few who didn’t catch on – but then for those few, the chance of grasping today’s lesson is very limited indeed.

It is to solve this problem that ConquerMaths devised its online GCSE system, providing mini-tutorials for every lesson covered. Using this, students can go back over any issues they have missed or not found easy to follow. They can do it without any peer-pressure and without slowing down the rest of the class. One student commented recently “Now the teacher seems to be speaking English in my maths lessons rather than Japanese!!”

ConquerMaths represents the delivery of personalised learning in the subject where, more than any other, personalised learning is essential.