Book Corner

  • The bravest book you’ll ever read?

    By Education Today on March 6, 2013
    This month, we’re reviewing a book especially for the head teachers among our readers (or at least those with leadership aspirations!). Read on for Education Today’s take on ‘Brave Heads: how to lead a school without selling your soul’ by head teacher, Dave Harris. What does the publisher say? “‘…Dave Harris is well placed to write the ultimate guide to […]
  • Love learning?

    By Education Today on January 14, 2013
    This month, we’re reviewing Learning to Learn, a pocket-sized learning aid by Tom Barwood. Decide for yourself if it’s worth learning any more. What does the publisher say? Aimed at primary and secondary teachers in the UK and overseas, Learning to Learn, by Tom Barwood, offers practical strategies for registering, retaining, recalling and revising. Based on the premise that successful […]
  • Do you matter enough?

    By Education Today on December 4, 2012
    Overwhelmed? Stressed? Need inspiring? This month, Education Today’s Catherine Dowling reviewed ‘Every Teacher Matters’ by Kathryn Lovewell, who claims that teachers are the most valuable resource in education and asks why is so little investment made in ensuring teachers can sustain effective teaching and learning in the classroom? What does the publisher say? What if we lived in a world […]
  • A ‘brilliant’ ICT teaching resource guide?

    By Education Today on September 24, 2012
    As staff and students return for the new academic year, many staff will be looking for fresh and inspiring ideas to bring to class. With this in mind, Education Today reviews a new teaching resource to hit the market: the written guide ‘Brilliant Ideas for Using ICT in the Inclusive Classroom’, and discusses whether or not it delivers on its […]
  • The Call of the Wild is a Finalist in the LLL Award 2012

    By Education Today on September 24, 2012
    Macmillan Education’s reader, The Call of the Wild, has become a finalist in the Language Learner Literature (LLL) Award, Adolescents and Adults – Intermediate category. The awards, which are held annually by the Extensive Reading Foundation, were announced at the Independent Learning Association Conference in Wellington, New Zealand on 2 September. The Call of the Wild by Jack London, as […]
  • New Children’s Books in Arabic from Bloomsbury Qatar

    By Education Today on September 24, 2012
    Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing (BQFP) has published over 25 titles for young readers. For those children who don’t understand Arabic as easily as their parents, the stories will be instantly familiar; well-loved characters on the list include Faustin Charles’ Selfish Crocodile and Debi Gliori’s mother and cub in the modern classic, No Matter What. BQFP is now celebrating the Arabic […]
  • Wide ranging review of European education published

    By Education Today on February 28, 2012
    A seminal book on European Education by distinguished contributors aimed at counteracting the decline of language education in the UK, as well as providing a new pedagogical framework. A new book “Schools for the Future of Europe” will be launched at a seminar in Oxford, on March 8th exploring the emergence and application of European education through a series of […]
  • Franklin Watts publishes Espresso Books

    By Education Today on March 8, 2011
    Franklin Watts has teamed up with Espresso Education to produce a series of 26 books featuring the popular Espresso characters, who host the Espresso Primary service used in 10,000 primary schools. Espresso Primary and the service have received numerous accolades including 6 BETT Awards and a BAFTA. In 2010 the CEO of Espresso, Lewis Bronze, got an ‘Outstanding Achievement’ Award […]
  • Bright Books

    By Education Today on February 11, 2011
    We all know how vital it is for a child’s development that they not only learn to read but that they also enjoy it. Bright Books have spent twenty years providing good books at sensible prices to schools throughout the UK and Ireland. We have a passion for books and getting the right book to the right child. We have […]
  • Angela Hewitt’s Bach Book

    By Education Today on February 11, 2011
    Leading Bach pianist Angela Hewitt has assembled a new book of music paying tribute to the ultimate Baroque master. This new publication is a successor to Harriet Cohen’s Bach Book from 1932 (a collection of arrangements from leading composers of her day which Cohen then toured in concert). Hewitt’s book includes two of the original arrangements – by Walton and […]