GCSE maths passes

When a school for children with learning difficulties starts getting significant passes at GCSE, it’s time to take note of its methods. Selly Oak School in Birmingham is a special school that caters for children with moderate learning difficulties.
As such, it is not a place where you would expect to find many young people for whom the world of GCSE maths would hold the slightest relevance.
And yet, not only are more and more of these students taking GCSE maths, they are doing so after attending mixed ability classes for their entire secondary schooling.
They are also getting some really interesting grades even though these students were unable to participate in the year 7 SATS. This summer two students gained grade Bs, 3 gained Cs, 4 gained Ds, 1gained an E and 1 an F.
At this point a further question arises – how has one special school managed to teach this group of mixed ability students, all with special needs, and get them these grades where all earlier predictions suggested there would be no point in even attempting the exam?
The revolutionary approach that was adopted by Roz Horton, Head of Maths at Selly Oak School, was to introduce the on-line maths teaching program, ConquerMaths.
“Some of these young people had reading ages as young as 8 but were still able to get a grade C at maths because of the unique approach of ConquerMaths,”
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