Foremans publishes white paper

How to implement an environmental policy

Foremans Relocatable Building Systems has published a white paper: a practical guide to implementing an environmental policy.

The report provides organisations in the public and private sectors with a comprehensive guide to delivering an environmental policy which can bring real and immediate benefits.

The paper which can be downloaded from the Foremans website offers practical steps to help organisations and employees reduce their carbon footprint:

• How to conduct a carbon emissions audit

• Developing an emissions reduction plan

• Drafting the environmental policy

• Creating a senior implementation team

• Identifying areas of financial assistance

• Communicating and raising awareness of the policy

• Implementing good office practices

• Establishing key environmental performance indicators

• Useful resources

The recycling and refurbishment of relocatable buildings is one of the most sustainable methods of construction – helping to further reduce an organisation’s carbon emissions, waste sent to landfill and improving a building’s carbon footprint.