Changing the country’s attitude towards maths

That simple phrase uttered by parents has frustrated and annoyed maths teachers for years.  It not only eats away at the pupils’ willingness to work at maths, but also gives them an excuse for not worrying about it.
Beating the “badge of honour” syndrome has been a huge problem but it now looks as if there is a solution on the horizon.
The solution involves a unique maths course on-line that is having a dramatic affect on the way students and their families view maths.
As Val Constable of ConquerMaths (the company responsible for the new strategy) has said, “When we can get pupils and their parents to enjoy the maths they are doing, then we can reverse any negative attitude in the household towards maths.
“When pupils start calling the lessons ‘wicked’ and ‘OMG’  and asking ‘When can we have ConquerScience?’ and when parents start saying things like “this takes away the stomach churning fear I remembered at school”  then everyone sits up and takes notice.” 
The ConquerMaths website,, is now being used by schools, students and parents across the UK. 
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