Professional Development

  • Downturn drives desire to do good

    By Education Today on October 21, 2009
    Twelve months of recession and redundancies have contributed to a shift in peoples’ attitudes to what they want from their professional lives, says a Future Foundation report for the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) out today. In an effort to understand the 50 per cent increase in enquiries to teacher training over the past year, Added values: why […]
  • Birmingham Botanical Gardens launches new courses for teachers

    By Education Today on October 21, 2009
    Birmingham Botanical Gardens, with its well-earned reputation for the quality of its award-winning educational courses and facilities for children, has now also introduced special continuous professional development (CPD) courses for teachers and teaching assistants, encouraging them to take their pupils beyond the confines of the traditional classroom. The new courses, created to make the most of the Gardens’ unique Growing […]
  • Special training for special needs

    By Education Today on October 21, 2009
    “The number of SEN pupils being integrated into a mainstream setting has sharply increased as a result of the Government’s Inclusion Agenda in 2006. Three years on and the issue of SEN teacher training remains in the spotlight, with many industry experts arguing that mainstream schools are ill equipped to deal with pupils with special education needs. Given that many […]
  • Invest in your staff

    By Education Today on October 21, 2009
    Unfortunately, in a recession, one of the first areas of investment to be dropped is that of ongoing training and development. In every walk of life, not just teaching, continuing professional development or CPD is known to significantly contribute to performance. But it can be compared to healthy eating – we know it does us good – however, we also […]
  • Professional development just got personal by NCFE’s David Grailey

    By Education Today on October 21, 2009
    It can be difficult for employees to separate their work and personal lives, each being heavily influenced by the other, however by acquiring new skills and applying them to both areas of their lives, workers master how to maintain a healthy balance between the two. Qualifications are available which build up skills both professionally and personally – such as NCFE’s […]
  • Kingswood Primary School makes better use of their data to improve school performance

    By Education Today on March 25, 2009
    A school’s Management Information System (MIS) traditionally sits in the school office collecting data for the DCSF. That includes a wide range of information about your pupils including attendance, behaviour and assessment data. So, if your school already collect this data for the DCSF (a statutory requirement), what’s stopping you from using it to inform decisions in the classroom? Teachers’ […]
  • Guiding Schools towards a Greener Outlook

    By Education Today on March 25, 2009
    Sustainability is an issue that is becoming increasingly important for school leaders everywhere, as the government increases its pressure on schools to become Sustainable Schools by 2020. The DCSF has outlined a series of targets that it would like schools to achieve by 2020, and listed them under eight headings termed ‘Doorways.’ For some school leaders, the changes that need […]
  • ‘Classroom Voting’ system takes teaching and learning to a higher level

    By Education Today on March 25, 2009
    The ‘Classroom Voting’ system is a powerful interactive teaching aid for use in all levels of education. It can be run entirely with the provided software or with independent applications such as Microsoft Power Point. All types of multimedia can be incorporated into the presentation including pictures, videos and audio files. The teacher controls ‘Classroom Voting’ with a simple to […]

    By Education Today on March 25, 2009
    This time last year Samantha Cropley was a lecturer in Beauty & Holistic Therapies at Boston College, Lincolnshire. Today, Samantha is still a teacher at Boston College – the difference is, this year she feels she’s a better one. Samantha was one of those who took part in the pilot phase of Business Interchange, a programme which takes further education […]
  • Get Online

    By Education Today on October 14, 2008
    With the average teacher working around 50 hours per week, finding time to get to grips with interactive technologies or develop new skills may seem like a challenge. Recognising the need for a solution that corresponds with the teacher’s busy workload however, educational technology specialist, Promethean, now offers a variety of flexible online training opportunities.The virtual learning environment is one […]